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    everyone CHECK THIS OUT aol chat to make trades

    heres the deal at 530 est time i and a couple of friends will be havin an aol chat room and there we can make a ton of deals.

    if u want in post here ur aol screen name.

    i will be invitin u in the chat so make sure ur r signed on thanks again.

    It will be mostly baseball but there can be all sportsd thanks and lets get trading
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    B Holowaty 23

    I will probably be there and maybe make a trade or two.

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    yes it is anyone who has a aim screenn name can come too.

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    I might join just to watch - I really don't have much to trade.

    If you're talking about like an AIM chat - my AIM is kyerkes98

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    From prior experience in these type of chats, I've noticed that a lot of times trades don't get done. However, I hope this will be different.

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    got everyone we got 6 people right now i want to get it to 12 or 15 keep comin

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