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Thread: DVD's for CHEAP!!!

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    DVD's for CHEAP!!!

    I myself am a seller of DVD's some online, mostly to people at work. My supplier is overseas, where he gets them for cheap, and in return, im able to offer them to people in the US for ALOT cheaper than anywhere else. If you are interested please let me know, I can get you pricing information as well as a list of DVD's that are available, thanks in advance.

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    thanks for the inquiries, Ive emailed my supplier for an up to date list, and will ahve one available in a day or so

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    anyone else, placing an order to my supplier tonight, so please let me know

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    Are these Region 1 dvd's like the U.S. or like the foreign country dvds we sometimes see in lots on ebay? Are they originals or dubbed?

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    these are all region 1 dvds, if anyone is interested, I have an order coming in for myself, alot of new stuff on there, I would be willing to send them a list to see if there is anything anyone is interested in

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