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Thread: Peyton Manning TTM

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    I'm thinking his foundation will be getting a ton of $5 bills soon!
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    i've sent co/ the colts 3 times and had sucsess all 3 times,pics in bucket.

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    when did you recieve these???? i have heard he never signs ttm c/o colts

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    Yea he still sign c/o team but take long time I had one success past season from him I sure he get swarm with ttm request do so much at a time.

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    I received an autographed 5X7 today that I sent him c/o foundation. Does anyone know if he ever autopens? Pic is in the football success section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacAndMark View Post
    oh okay. well your welcome. seeing as one of his address' is a foundation, i would throw in 5 bucks and in the letter write: "love what he's doing with the foundation and feel like its a great cause, so please except my 5 dollar donation"
    Guys you know it's spelled "accept" not "except".

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