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Thread: Peyton Manning TTM

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    I received an autographed 5X7 today that I sent him c/o foundation. Does anyone know if he ever autopens? Pic is in the football success section.
    I don't think Peyton autopens TTM and judging from your scan, it looks pretty authentic to me. Congrats and enjoy, I'm still waiting on my request that I've sent out to him as well.
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    Just Got my photo back 2day signed in only 48 days WOW!!!!!!

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    I havent seen to much success from peyton manning. congrats on getting him back. His rookie season my friends brother sent him a request and wished him luck he said a few weeks later he recieved signed jersey. Amazing how much things change in 10 years

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    Did you send it to his foundation? Maybe i will get mine back too.

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