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    Heads Ace product: 2009 Hidden Signatures Series Tennis Auto Ball

    Next up for Ace, coming in April, is an autograhped tennis ball product. 1 per box and nothing else, I believe.
    Japanese site, but they have some pics.....

    Not sure how I feel (really would only want the Fed/Roddick or Agassi ones :-P)......

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    No cards? Man, that sucks. I was looking forward to an 09 card set. 6500 yen ($65-70) for one autographed ball is risky to me.

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

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    I did confirm with John from Ace and he did state, "As far as the new product, it is an autographed ball only."

    Yeah, I am dissapointed in no new card set either :-( ...but later in the year I am assuming/hoping there will be one (one premium and one "regular" would be cool) :-)

    There is a pre-order auction on eBay that just popped up where they are asking $35, so, until real pricing comes out, not sure what pricing is legit......still risky to me.......

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    I hope they release Grand Slam this year. I'll pay $150 for a new release set that has 20+ gu/autos per box! I preferred the design of 06 over 08 so hopefully Ace switches away from the shiny (fingerprint prone) look of 08 GS.

    I've got a case of Match Point on the way. Will see how that set is.

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    I missed out on GS '06 when it comes to opening boxes/cases....I really like the special cards in that set too and the Agassi Anthology is awesome....

    Match Point is glossy, glossy, glossy! (well, besides the fronts of the foil inserts)....get ready for massive fingerprints :-(

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    Agassi Anthlogy is a nice set. I bought a box of 06 from ebay several months ago for near $150 and had some nice pulls. I've been meaning to write up a review for that to show what I pulled.

    Yikes. Didn't realize it was a glossy set. Guess I have to be super careful.

    Just noticed that 09 Hidden is up for preorder.

    I'm more of a card person so I'm not sure about this set. At least its cheaper than I thought.

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    Ah, I await that review.....I just need 2 more jerseys for a complete Agassi Anthology.......

    Almost $40 for just a ball is too risky for my tastes still, considering nothing else is's hoping, like most Ace products, the true going price gets cut in half like 6 months from release :-P

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    I think this may be a set that holds its value. The market is split up. U.S. market will receive 840 of the 2000 autographed balls. I'm curious if a print run of each player will be announced.

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    Well what do you think about that only buying auto graphed tennis balls a 20 box cas for $669.99 US. So a box is like 35 US each.

    Not sure if would buy this product seen some of the toer year autos tennis balls sell for like 10 US

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    It does at least have some big names and retired stars as well!
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
    Go Mets, Colts, Reds and The Ohio State University
    Hidden Content

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