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    Post members i need a bit of help

    It's been a while since i have put a post about my attempt to collect a 1983 topps dodgers team autograph set. So far i have 18 signatures for this set
    this is who i've got so far

    dusty baker
    ron cey
    terry forster
    steve garvey
    burt hooton
    steve howe
    tommy lasorda
    mike marshall
    tom niedenfuer
    jorge orta
    jerry reuss
    ron roenicke
    bill russell
    steve sax
    mike scioscia
    derrel thomas
    fernando valenzuela(regular card)
    and fernando valenzuela (team leader/checklist card)

    here is where i need the help members
    i need addresses for any of the following or if you have one of these cards or know someone/somewhere that has one please drop me a line or know where any of these guys may be doing a show/appearance at

    mark belanger(deceased) i would be willing to pay some $$ to get this one or trade something to get it

    pedro guerrero

    ken landreaux(not looking too hard for this since i plan on getting this one for sure at the autograph alley at dodger stadium-but if anybody has it and want to trade hit me up)

    rick monday( does he still work at dodger stadium??)

    vincente romo ( this one appears to be very hard to find so i would be willing to pay a few $$ for it)

    dave stewart

    bob welch

    steve yeager
    pedro guerrero - team leader/checklist card ( since i have fernando on this one im mainly looking for a place he may be doing an apppearance or show)

    any help would be greatly appreaciated

    thanks guys


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    i recently emailed dodger stadium and they told me they could forward mail to any dodger player that was ever on the team, and if they couldnt find an addy, they would use their alumni association book so they said to send letters there for any player i needed to

    so far i have got letters ready for rick monday, dave stewart, steve yeager, bob welch, and vicente romo and will send them off by the end of the week, so hopefully ill have good luck with them, as for guerrero and ken landreaux i know ill be able to get them either at a card show or dodger stadium some, as landreaux auto's all the time in autograph alley there and both have made appearances in so cal at shows over the years.

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    Best of luck with the set. I have looked through my autographs and unfortunately have nothing to help you with on your project.
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    today 1 sent 5 requests out for my set c/o dodger stadium i sent requests to bob welch, steve yeager, dave stewart, rick monday, and vicente romo, wish me luck as i'm really hoping i get the romo back as that may be the hardest one to get.

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    sorry, I don't have a single auto on 1983 Topps for Dodgers. Good luck though.
    I collect NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and NJ Nets. I am willing to trade. PM me if you have any cards signed by players from these teams.

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    Doesn't Steve Yeager coach for a minor league team?

    GL on your ttm. Let us know how it goes. I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in how the mail forwarding from the Dodgers works out.
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    he use to be a bench coach for the inland empire 66ers in 2007 , and i would have got him to sign it but i forgot it at home:(

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    hoping to get some replies soon from the ones i sended, looking forward to any of them:O)

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    if im not mistaken dave stewart wont sign cards of him in a dogers uniform it may be the phillies but i remember when he had a position with the bluejays a while back theres one team he wont sign cards of

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    i guess a kind of success today, purchased an autographed 1983 topps bob welch dodgers card for my set off of ebay for $5.99 and received it today. that puts me at 19 autographs for my project/set, and i now still need

    mark belanger( deceased- willing to pay a few $$ toget this one if anybody has it)
    pedro guerrero on his regular issue , and his team leaders issue i have, already signed by fernando
    ken landreaux
    rick monday
    vicente romo
    dave stewart
    steve yeager

    8 more autos to go, if anybody has any of these cards graphed for the 83 topps set, let's make a deal!!!!


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