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Thread: Surprises in your common stash

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    Surprises in your common stash

    Gotta love it when youre sorting through your commons and run across a gem.. found a 00-01 Crown ROyale Premeire Date Brett Hull # out of 80. Books at $40.00. Awesome.

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    Yeah I know, I was just showing some commons I got at the show to my friend who is a newbie collector, and I ran across a Leopold Parkhurst RC /500. Not a bad find, when I thought I hadn't got anything good.

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    cool. The same thing happened to me today. I was sorting through my cards and i found a Private Stock Andrew Raycroft Rookie card worth $40!

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    my friend keeps finding Heatleys for me, last week he was searching threw Private Stock and found a Silver Heatley

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    I was flipping through a commons and small insert box and came accross a Giguere Ice RC and a Performers parralell as well!! Talk about a find as this is a box I offer out at card shows at 3 for 2 bucks.

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    i found a joe thornton upper deck rookie in my sock drawer once...i have no idea how it got there, but i wasnt complaining.

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    I posted this a couple weeks ago but I found a Upper Deck 1995-96 Mario Lemieux Platinum Players Club BV $100.

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    Sweet guys! I don't have anything in my commons though :(

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