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    Just back from the card shop here is what I Pulled

    Just bought a few different packs of the new Football stuff and pulled a few noteworthy cards. All are for trade.

    Kevin Jones-Sage Hit Silver Auto A25
    Quincy Wilson- Sage Hit Emerald Auto A43
    Greg Jones- Sage Autographs Auto #314/500
    Donovan McNabb- Ultra Gridiron Producers GU

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    i like the mcnabb jersey, is it short printed? if so then i have a 2003 fleer showcase avant card jersey.

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    6 PAcks of Sage Hit
    1 Pack SAge Autographs
    1 Pack of Ultra
    I got really lucky on the Mcnabb pull.

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    sorry dude in my above post i forgot to add that the card i have is a clinton portis fleer avant jersey card. my bad.

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