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    Whats the BEST way to protect / store your cards? toploaders vs snap tites etc

    just curious what you all have to say on this.....ive collected for years now and as a kid i used to keep all my best cards in screw down cases or snap tite cases.....and my good cards in a sleeve inside a top loader..and my run of the mill cards in sleeves or pages

    now i seem to think that sleeves inside toploaders are the best way, even better than screw downs or snap tites....alot of times it seems on snap tites and screw downs that there is a little bit of "play" inside the card section of the case allowing the card to move a little bit...i would think this could damage the corners of the cards

    also on thicker and memorabilia cards its very hard to find the right size dont want one thats too thick cuz then it will move too also dont want too thin because either it wont close right and in some cases ive even seen the card leave a trace of the jersey on the case when removed (possibly due to temperature)

    so ive pretty much converted everything to sleeves and toploaders....i bought a case of each size of the thicker toploaders for all my jersey/thick cards...since getting back into collection in 03 everything ive pulled or bought has gone to the sleeve/toploader UNLESS its a good card going into a ct box as part of a set,,then i use a mini-snap case what is your feedback on this?? toploaders with sleeves? snap cases...screw downs..or other


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    here is what I do..

    1.00 or less(9 page sleeves OR penny sleeves)

    up to 10.00(toploader and sleeve)

    anything over is at your discretion( I usually put anything over 20.00 bv in screwdowns...)
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    Here's mine:

    Less than $5 - 9-pocket pages or card boxes, depending on what I have on hand

    $5 and up - minimum of a double penny sleeve (one penny sleeve on the regular way, and another put on upside down, over the card so no dust/whatever can get to the card)

    Any JSY or auto - upside-down penny sleeve on the card into a toploader

    Very rarely do I use screwdowns, only because I can't find them. I think I have about 8 screwdowns, and my nicer PC cards are in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardlover2009 View Post
    here is what I do..

    1.00 or less(9 page sleeves OR penny sleeves)

    up to 10.00(toploader and sleeve)

    anything over is at your discretion( I usually put anything over 20.00 bv in screwdowns...)
    exactly what i do also. i prefer the one touches to screwdowns but they both work fine if there not too big.

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    Penny sleeve, top loader, then into a team bag.

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    l prefer pennysleeves and then into a toploader.The reason I do this is this:Once the card is in the sleeve,I wipe it clean,then I proceed to put a label on it saying exactly what the card is (brand and year because there are just too many brands out there to remember)next I pregrade the card myself on the label so I know I've checked it thoroughly.Then I put it in the toploader.By labeling the pennysleeve,it keeps the toploader free of marks to reuse again if the card is traded or sold.

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    penny sleeve, top loader
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    awesome..i just dont trust the snap cases anymore.....i like putting older rookie cards in the screw downs because it seems like they were made for those thicknesses of cards 1989 and down....i never use the ones that dont have the card cutouts inside them either

    im debating doing the team bag thing as well..ive seen it and it looks like that extra mmmph of protection just to keep out the elements

    is that what they are called "team bags"?

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    Im not a huge fan of screwdowns, I prefer my good or pc cards are in a soft plastic sleve then in a toploader slide in, I think its just sleeker and its easier to go thru my cards that way, but I do like the fact that screw downs can look nice on the thicker cards

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    I like sleeves in toploaders up to 50.00 and then screwdowns. The new magnet cases will come apart if it lands on anything other than carpet. Toploaders come in so many sizes now its easy to find the right size. Toploaders and screwdowns are very similar in size and makes it easy to go through my cards without having 10 different types and sizes of holders. I did team bags for a while but they are bigger than toploaders and in large numbers add bulk to my boxes, and most are to small for screwdowns as well. I hope this helps.

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