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    You know what I realized?!?!?!?!

    You know what? All numbered cards (out of anything) are 1/1. if you really think about it, if you got number 1843/3999, there is only one card in the world that is numbered 1843. So being numbered 3999//3999 doesn't make it any more valuable. It's just a little cooler. I'm not complaining cuz i got a mike sweetney auto #'d 499/499. But it's just something to think about. Comments???

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    your right but i still go by if dosen't say 1of1 it's not 1of1. the only reason people like the ones that say 1/3999 and 3999/3999 is because they are the first and last made card. People also use the players number

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    your right stalking wolf, I dont like when people call cards 1of1"s if it isnt serial #'d 1of1 , the only exception is the players jersey #, to me that is kind of a 1of1,

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    I'm the same way lol, I'll go for 1/1, 299/299 or there Jersey #, now unless you get offset #'ers like 34/75 for really cheap then i'll take it off course lol

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    My Garnett credential is numbered 007/499, it means alot to me because i'm a bond fan

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