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    Wanted any Emmitts,Randle El,K.Bell,H.Ward RCs

    Im looking for any Emmitts I dont have or can get a good deal on and a few Steelers RCs. Randle El,K. Bell,H.Ward and any 2003 class. Check out my site and LMK. Thanks

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    First of all very nice Emmitt collection. Here are some you might already have that I have for trade.
    1. 98 Score "complete players" #C3 of Smith.
    2. 99 CE 1st place "Successors" #S7 of Smith/ Edgerrin James.
    3. 00 Fleer Traditions "The Whole Ten Yards" #TY7 of smith.
    4. 00 Fleer Mystique "Running Men" #RM13 of smith.
    5. 00 Pacific Vangaurd "Vangurd Press" #4 of smith.
    6. 01 UD Vintage "Old School Attitude" #OS5 of smith.
    7. 02 Pacific Heads Update "Big Numbers" #6 of smith.
    8. 00 Topps Chrome "Lone Star Legends" #TC9 of Smith/Aikman.
    9. 99 SPX "SPxtreme" #X1.
    I also have a Bowman chrome Randle El for trade. lmk if interested in any.

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    oops found some more.
    1. 98 Aurora "Gridiron Laser-Cuts" #4 of smith.
    2. 98 Ultra "Gold Medallion Edition" #161G of Smith.
    3. 99 Playoff Absolute "Heroes" #HE10 of smith.
    4. 99 Playoff Absolute "Gold Hereos" #HE10 of smith.
    5. 99 Skybox Dominion "Atlanta Attitude" #AA13 of smith.
    6. 99 UD "Livewires" #L3 of smith.
    7. 99 UD "Center Stage" #CS11 of smith.
    8. 00 UD Encore "Highlight Zone" #HZ5 of smith.
    9. 02 Pacific Adrenaline "Adrenaline rush" #6 of smith.
    10. 02 Pacific Atomic #27 of Smith serial #308/600.
    11. 02 Topps chrome "Ring of Honor" #ES28 of smith.
    also found a 96 Topps chrome "refractor" #271 of Yancey Thigpen.
    lmk if you like any of these.

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    look at my www link and check out my list of cards and the list of GU stuff.

    PM me if interested

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    Here is what I have of Hines Ward:

    Hines Ward 1998 Bowman #27 RC
    Hines Ward 1998 UD3 #FS89 RC
    Hines Ward 1998 UD3 Future Shock #FS29 #1562/2000

    $4.00 for these 3 cards

    If you are interested please send me a PM
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    I have in person autographs of randle el and ward. Interested?

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    if you are interested in trading or buying these cards
    1998 pacific omega hines ward rc #196
    2001 rc vintage #272 k. Bell, C. hempton
    2002 sample silver prime signature antwaan randle wl

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    I've got the following

    1. 1998 Score #252 Hines Ward rookie card

    2. 1998 UD3 Future Shock Hines Ward

    note: for #2 -- not sure the number, but back of card has following: FX29, set 119, FS59

    I posted a scan on this board (can't post duplicate scans in 2 different boards, so please go there and look for my post)

    Please PM me if you're interested

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    I have a 2000 Impact - Point of Impact - Emmitt Smith
    Hidden Content , Working on Hidden Content For Charity

    Hidden Content - 120/140 (85.7%), Hidden Content - 107/271 (39.5%)


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