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Thread: Worst IP rejection line?

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    "It's the Lord's Day. Can't sign today"

    -Evan Longoria (Sunday game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Sox View Post
    That's odd. I saw Rolen Sign in LA a couple years ago.

    In his time with T.O, I've come to understand that Rolen is alergic to sharpies. I've never seen him sign at games or attend the welcome back BBQ in which almost the whole team shows up to (even Halladay came this year!). He hasn't come both years with T.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Sox View Post
    Waiting outside the Red Sox hotel in San Francisco last year with a grand total of 4 other autograph seekers when Curt Schilling came out and said he "couldn't" sign anything. He then proceeded to get on the team bus and just sit there for 10 minutes while other players got on. Gotta love JD Drew though, who signed even though he was on his cellphone and walked out with his breakfast in a bag, which I held for him while he signed.

    So was Curt just blowing us off? Or does he have some silly contract that means he really cannot sign?
    I did the same thing for Fernando Martinez when I met him.

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