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    Ebay steal of the week #43 - Win 50cc

    Contest Rules:
    1. Contest begins at 12:00am CT March 22 and runs until 11:59pm CST March 28. Only auctions won during that time will be accepted!
    2. One auction per member. Choose wisely!
    3. Post a link to your ebay auction win.
    4. The Ebay user ID in your profile must match the user ID of the winning bidder.
    5. Explain why you think your card is a steal. If it has a BV, let us know. You can even show previous auctions that ended to compare your win. Convince us!
    6. The Basketball moderating team will vote on the winner. Winner will be announced after the votes are in.

    SCF staff cannot participate in this contest.

    Card Cash (CC) can be used for purchasing cards from our Card Cash store, purchasing cards from Card Cash auctions, purchasing cards from other members, playing SCF arcade games, and for betting.
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    Collecting San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns

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    This should be the Ebay steal of the week for two reasons.

    1. I got an Eric Gordon UD Premier Autograph Quad 2-color Jersey Card for $22.50 DLV

    2. Even once they list the price of this card in the next issue of Beckett it will be much lower than Eric Gordon is worth. He is a budding star and is currently held back by the Clippers and there dreadful record. Since January 1, 2009 he is the leading scorer among rookies at over 20ppg. He has all the tools to be a great player for many years in this league.

    Within the next few years it will be apparent how big a steal this actually was as he sports a western conference all-star jersey.
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    Eric Gordon PC 165/474 34.8% (84 Autos)


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    One entry in. Anymore?
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    Collecting San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns

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    03-04 Dwyane Wade 'Buzzer Beaters' AUTO

    HERE it is!! The STEAL of the week!!
    . e=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&viewitem=&salenotsupported

    2003-04 E-X 'Buzzer Beaters Autos' Dwyane WADE /299!!

    Book value on this is a WHOPPING $80...I picked it up for:
    $55.00 DLVD!!!
    Not only is it DWYANE's his ROOKIE AUTO..and definitely, one of the nicest looking!!'s #'d to only /299.

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    .......'s the card

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    Won this item for .99 cents but shipping was 3.50 for a total DLVD price of 4.49
    1993-94 SkyBox Premium Center Stage #CS1 Michael Jordan em=110364539299
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    The wade is a nice card but i think i can trump your auction win!!
    How about this list of 20 GU for $37 CANADA hahaha

    01-02 Kobe Bryant UD Game Jersey, Evolve #175/300
    02-03 Vince Carter Fleer Authentix Ripped Game Jersey
    03-04 Tony Parker EX Net Assets
    06-07 Isiah Thomas Stadium Club Full Court Press #152/499
    06-07 Andrew Bogut UD Game Jersey
    06-07 Shelden Williams Chronology Stitches in Time Gold #72/75
    07-08 Deron Williams Stadium Club Beam Team
    07-08 Chris Bosh SPx Winning Materials
    07-08 Thaddeus Young Stadium Club Full Court Press #148/499
    07-08 Daequan Cook, Javaris Crittenton, Morris Almond SPx Freshman Trip RC!
    07-08 Chauncey Billups Stadium Club Beam Team
    07-08 Wilson Chandler SPx Freshman Orientation RC!
    08-09 Jason Richardson Hot Prospects Property of XXL #103/199
    08-09 Joe Alexander SPx Freshman Orientation RC!
    08-09 Josh Smith, Joe Johnson SPx Winning Materials Combo
    08-09 Al Thornton Bowman Relic
    08-09 Caron Butler Hot Prospects Hot Materials
    08-09 Andre Iguodala SPx Winning Materials
    08-09 John Stockton Topps Retro Jersey
    08-09 Tracy McGrady SPx Winning Materials Combo

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    more of a pc steal but a steal none the less... em=370174463153

    83 gilbert arenas cards for .99 + 2.50 shipping!

    even at 1.50 book for each card, thats 124.50 book value for 3.49!!!

    0.28 cents per card, cant beat that!!

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