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    Looking to buy a 2002 USA Mark Prior Auto

    I am looking to buy a 2002 UD USA Auto of Mark Prior. I would prefer it to be graded, but any offers will be looked at.

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    luker: Are you trading or selling any of your USA autos from 2003? Michael

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    Possibly, but i would want reasonable offers. I do have some doubles. Who is it you are looking for?

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    Please let me know who you have doubles of. Thanks. Michael

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    i will have to look when i get home from work. I will list them this evening.

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    Thanks. I will make reasonable (aka comparable Ebay sell) offers.


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    here are the dups i have for sale:
    Romanczuk Red /750
    Head Red /750
    Owings Red /750
    Green Blue /250
    Patterson Red Jersey /350
    Nickeas Red Jersey /350
    Pedroia Blue Jersey /150
    Campbell Blue Jersey /150
    Register Blue Jersey /150


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    Very very interested in the Head, Owings, and Greene. Please let me know the best you can go on them. Thanks. Michael

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