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    I bought some Baseball tonight Cool Reagan Pull!

    Cause WalMart was out of Football and Basketball and I was desperate to open some wax. I dont know much about these so heres what I pulled.

    2004 Topps
    Ronald Reagan Presidential Pasttime
    Dontrelle Willis
    Vlad Guerrero
    Draft Picks:
    Jason Hirsh
    Logan Kensing
    Omar Quintanilla
    Neal Cotts/Jeremy reed
    Estee Harris
    Tom Goodwin1291/2004
    Torii Hunter 1611/2004
    2004 Bowman
    Carlos Quentin
    Brian Pilkington
    Merkin Valdez
    Jason Frasor
    Travis Hanson
    Donald Kelly
    Tim Frend
    Craig Ansman
    2004 UD Pro Sigs
    Mark Prior
    Ivan Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriquez Yanks!
    Chipper Jones
    Greg Maddux
    Roger Clemons
    Edgar Martinez
    Jeff Kent
    Scott Dohmann
    Hall of Fame ProSig
    Mike Schmidt

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    im interested in the torii hunter and the mike scmidt
    cant get your web site past the home page, what do you collect


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    Sorry Im in the process of rebuilding my homepage, the only baseball players I collect are Jose Canseco A's uni and Dave Magadan.

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    No lol I wish it was an auto, its just a nice shot of Reagan in a Cubs Jacket throwing out the first pitch at a game. It books $4 but is going on ebay in the $10 to $20 range, I doubt I trade it though Im quite fond of it.

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    I have an 86 Stars Stickers Canseco set (15 card set) I would trade you for the Mike Schmidt.
    LMK Thanks

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    Hey Ryan. I'm interested in the Topps Gold cards...

    Tom Goodwin1291/2004
    Torii Hunter 1611/2004

    Would you be interesed in these...plmk

    2003 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs Shaun Alexander/Koren Robinson 18 of 20 AP #'d 226/250
    1989 Donruss Jose Canseco MVP BC5
    1993-94 Stadium Club Latrell Sprewell
    1995-96 Skybox Premium Latrell Sprewell 43
    1996-97 Skybox Z Force Latrell Sprewell 31
    (The basketball cards aren't quite mint--some slight chipping at the edges)

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    Back It Up
    Im tryin gto do the pres pastime set I wish I would of started earlier lol since his death and all but I really want that card for the set. doin git for a teacher

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