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Thread: A true Ebay steal???

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    A true Ebay steal???

    I got this lot of cards off of ebay for 75 cents plus $2 shipping:

    Yeah...they are commons and base....BUT

    If my eyes are correct, there is a 1999-00 Ultra Fresh Ink Ron Artest/1000 slightly hidden in the picture!

    Can someone please confirm? Thanks!

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    yes, thats the ron artest fresh ink
    i was about to call u dumb untill i saw that
    its not the greatest steal in the world, but that ron artest auto for 2.75 is pretty nice

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    Yeah, I saw that card when I was bidding on it, and I figured I would take a chance. Like you said, its not the greatest steal - but this Artest collector is happy :)

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    congrats and you got some good eyes to see the auto. $2.75 for all those nice.

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    Yeah - but I'm wondering why they didn't advertise it, lol?

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    Let me know if they end up sending the Fresh Ink, I'm interested to find out if they just threw that in there to get someone to bid

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    Nice steal, you can't go wrong for $2.75! lets hope the Fresh ink is included!

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