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    How do you determine what to collect?

    I'm new to the collecting card hobby (after collecting as a kid so long ago). When I got back into it, I told myself I'd only buy a few boxes of football cards each season. Now, however, I'm finding myself buying way too many packs and/or unopened boxes. Everything looks so cool these days, and the pack ripping is so fun.

    But now I'm realising that'll break my bank, and I need to slow waaaaay down. So I'm interested to know how others decide what to buy.

    Right now, all I know is that I want Packers cards, preferably RCs, and that I enjoy opening packs/boxes. But I'd like to know if others only collect one brand, or only RCs, or only GU and never rip boxes? Or how do you decide what to get and when?

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    I only collect Robin Yount cards. So as a "cost savings" I only buy his cards off Ebay and at card shows. I love opening packs and boxes too, but it just gets too expensive. You may want to cut back by buying a couple of packs every once and a while while you're out. Opening packs is like an addiction. It's like gambling.......that next pack could be the one!!!!!

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    When I buy cards I put them only on 1 Credit card.. So when my statment comes in I can look at it and decide if I went to far that month

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    i find it really hard to decide what to collect. i went through every teams roster, picked a few players i liked, and then i narrowed it down to 3 players. it was hard, but it worked :D

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    I only buy the regular Topps set and sometimes Heritage.
    They are pretty good overall. a 10 card pack is around $1.79
    My 2 best pulls from 2003 are a Pujols auto and Palmeiro game-used. Valued at $80 and $40 respectively.

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    well...I do NOT bust boxes for one....I can't see paying $75-$100 for a box of cards when I can use that money on singles I will enjoy! I bust a few packs every once in a while, but thats it.

    I collect 2 Players - 1 of every card (darn those 1 of 1's) and
    autographs of whoever catches my eye. I am also slowly getting back into vintage.

    Personally, I believe you get more bang for the buck if you buy just singles of what you want, I mean its cool to pull an awesome 'graph or something, but why gamble if you don't have the dough to do so. JMHO :D

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    I think collecting cheap stuff with potential is a good buy. If anyone collect Soriano before 2001, how rich are they now?

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    favorite players, teams, or just rookies or a category, try buying in the offseason, less selection, but better prices. so get football quick.

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