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    Can NE1 tell me something about these cards?

    Hey, i don't collect Basketball, but i know a little. And i've had these cards for a while. They are -

    1.) 2002-2003 SP Authentic "SP Specials" Jason Kidd #/2000 ( i know who Jason Kidd is)
    2.) 2000-2001 Khalid El-Amin Sage Authentic RC? #/200 "Gold" variation. I was told this was worth $10, but its out of 200 so would'nt it be worth a little more than $10?

    Can someone tell me anything about these? especially The Khalid El-Amin? Thanks!

    Heres the scans -
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    ok amin played with the bulls for about a year, he wasn't a very good player, he came of the bench, and I have no idea what team he is on now
    well I tried to help, juts type in el-amin on google

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