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    Need 9 More 2004 Playoff Prestige Rookies HELP ME OUT! As well as other wants!

    I need the following Playoff Prestige Rookies. Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciatted:

    164 DJ Williams SP
    167 Vince Wilfork SP
    172 Jason Babin SP
    180 R Colclough SP
    182 Ben Troupe
    192 Sean Jones SP $15
    206 Cedric Cobbs SP (close to working a deal)
    219 Maurice Clarett SP $50 *incoming*
    220 Mike Williams SP $100

    Also collect the following, so if you want to trade let me know and we can work some deals:

    Michael Vick, Larry Johnson, Rudi Johnson, William Green, Willis McGahee, LaDainian Tomlinson, Donovan McNabb, Eagles, Tatum Bell, Reggie Williams, Roy Williams. Thanks!


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    I have the ben troupe...would you be willing to buy??

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