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Thread: ignorant ebay seller contest

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    ignorant ebay seller contest

    Here's how it works: First, you find a card auction that you think is totally ignorant or a seller who just doesn't have a clue about the industry or the market. Next, you post the link to the auction here. Then all you do is sit back and wait for me to judge because it's my contest.

    First prize- assorted card lot (nothing special, just enough incentive for you to play and to make you want to play next time)
    Second prize - custom ebay auction by me that mocks the auction you chose (this sounds really stupid but I did this several times on the spawn sports board a long time ago and it was fun. It's even funnier when you post an auction right after someone else does so when someone searches for something they will see one auction and one right beneath it with the same title but oh man is the description different )

    Here's my contribution

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    Lmao that's hilarious! This loser actually counted each card lol . Someone should buy it and then ask for a refund because it's one short. Nice title too btw "baseball cards". Here's my favorite part -"I am starting the bid off at $5402.40 that is $0.40 per card". Oh god that is priceless. He spelled Mcgwire wrong too, I love it!

    I don't know billsfan, I didn't know we had to have permission. Please don't tell on me

    MJackson I think you might be the only contenstant which means you might win both great prizes! That one's gonna be hard to beat anyway

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    Here's my entry:

    -One Picture
    -0 Feedback
    -$100,000 minimum bid
    -'nuff said

    OOOOOHHHH I found another one (pick which you think is best):

    -No Picture
    -0 Feedback
    -$35,000 min. bid
    -all for a free card

    :p :p

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    I might have him beat, lol:

    Here's one with no picture, very vague description, and an outrageous price.

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