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    Buying Auto's!!!! (Nice Ones Only Need To Be $20 BV +)

    Looking for some nice deals on some nice Auto's looking to beef up my trade page since my trading is on a break. I will pay ONLY via paypal. You MUST have a feedback of at least five. (Unless I have dealt with you before :) ) Okay everyone LMK what you got.


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    check my site. Some will be tougher than others...but if you see something give it a try.

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    PM me a price for these DLVD


    -2004 Cracker Jacks Brandon Webb Auto
    -2001 Donruss "Signature Stats" Magglio Ordonez Auto #d 50/126 BV: $15.00
    -2002 Topps 206 Ben Sheets Auto BV: $15.00

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    check my page too. also have these not on there

    stan musial topps team legends auto BV $80
    mark prior timeless treasure auto/gu bat #/25(would lik $100 to buy or $175-200 to trade)
    gary sheffield sweet spot auto BV $40
    and then anything on my site.

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    sorry, alos have these

    darryl strawberry 2004 donruss timelines auto BV 20
    jay gibbons 2003 donruss studio auto BV 25
    bob feller 2004 donruss timelines auto BV 20

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    thats fine, if you want you can chekc my feedback on ebay or both have the same user name as here. lmk. thanks.

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    I have a Brooks Robinson 1998 Sports Illustrated Auto BV $60 I would sell. It has some, not horrible, corner damage but looks amazing. Will sell for CASH only. Please offer as I suck at making offers
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    I have a 2002 bowman heritage blalock auto bv 25, lmk what you would pay for it...


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