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    Check out my site at I have over 300 game used and about 500 rookies so check it out. I will not be on this site anymore so please either
    1. e mail me what u wanna buy at
    2. im me at bowlofceral21 and talk to me about whatyou need.

    i might come like once every other day and check out this post ut if u want a faster response im me or e mail me. i am on my screen name for about 20 hours a day.

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    and btw guys i traded ilovecards2004 on another website and i sent his cards which i have proof of and he never sent my cards an d i put a negative on him so he put 2 for me. i will talk to pwaldo and bgray about this but please ignore the 2 negatives i have as you can see he has to send firs on all trades because he is a bad trader

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