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Thread: cubs starting rotation cards

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    cubs starting rotation cards

    i'm needing all the cubs starting pitchers (zambrano, clement, wood, prior, and maddux)
    here are the cards i have

    Mark Prior
    2004 Upper Deck First Pitch
    2003 Upper Deck MVP
    2003 Topps

    Kerry Wood
    2004 Topps Total
    2004 Topps Opening Day

    Greg Maddux
    2004 Donruss Team Heroes
    2004 Topps Opening Day
    2004 Topps Total

    Matt Clement
    2003 Fleer Hardball
    1999 Bowman's Best
    2004 Topps Total
    2004 Bazooka

    Carlos Zambrano

    lmk if you have any other cards and r willing to trade and what your lookin for:)

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    I've got a 2001 Fleer Platinum Mark Prior Rookie Card BV$30, but I'll only trade it for an Albert Pujols Rookie card of equal value...Thanx...


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