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    Im looking for good ex University of Georgia players cards

    Hey, I was just wondering if any of yall have any good ex Georgia players cards. use this link for current players . I also like any jersey cards with players in their college uniforms. I dont have a trade list but just let me know if you have anything and what you like and illsee what i have. thanks

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    I have a Sean Jones Sage Autograph #632/650.
    as far as player with college Jersey's I have a Sage Philip Rivers Jersey #11/75. Click the link WWW below my Signature for all my cards for trade. See my Sig for cards I need.

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    hummm, i like the Barry Sanders card, but I dont know if youd be interested in trading it. I dont have too many of what is on your want list(nothing good anyways). thanks for your reply tho

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    have these:

    Terrell davis:

    95 classic
    96 action packed
    96 collecotr's choice
    96 playoff contenders
    96 pro line
    96 score
    96 select
    96 summit
    96 topps
    96 UD
    97 choice
    97 donruss
    97 CE masters
    97 topps
    98 ce odyssey 3rd quarter
    98 leaf R&S
    98 leaf R&S #248
    98 score
    98 score #263 (subset)
    98 skybox premium
    98 playoff momentum
    98 topps
    98 Ud
    98 ultra #382
    99 bowman's best performers
    99 donruss
    99 fleer focus
    99 score
    99 topps season opener fever
    2000 black diamond
    2000 ce supreme
    00 fleer gamers
    00 skybox impact
    00 skybox molten metal
    02 fleer premium

    96 ce MVP
    97 ce stick-ums
    97 EX 2001 fleet of foot
    98 topps stars luminaries gold #25/50 (i think i still have this)
    99 ce supreme markers #3530/5000
    99 ce supreme T3
    99 pacific omega gold 220/299
    00 black diamond deamonation
    00 ce supreme monday knights
    00 ce supreme supreme team

    98 playoff momentum team threads g/u jersey

    Garrison hearst:
    93 bowman
    93 collector's edge
    93 pro line
    93 score
    93 topps
    93 UD

    champ bailey

    99 ce supreme
    99 UD mvp

    rodney hampton

    96 select certified mirror blue

    i am looking for rc's of rudi johnson, chad johnson, Chris Perry most offensive rc's from 00 to present, brett favre base and inserts,baseball rc's, and barry bonds base and inserts i don't have. would like to trade the davis g/u for another g/u or auto, if you are interested in it. plmk, thanks.

    Hidden Content | NFL HOF Player RC Collection: 183/251 (72.91%)
    Hidden Content | Hidden Content
    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    Do you have any current Red Sox and Pats? I have tons Of ex-UGA guys and I'll let them go for Pats/Sox
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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    I have these two:
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Pig Pens auto PP43 Terrence Edwards/250 $12.00
    2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List DLKB Kendrell Bell $12.00

    Open for an offer on them.


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    Musa Smith
    Topps Black Serial Numbered 40/150
    Fleer Avant Black Serial Numbered 89/199
    Fleer Mystique
    Fleer Ultra
    2 Topps All American
    2 Topps
    Upper Deck Rookie Premiers
    Press Pass JE
    2 Press Pass JE OLD SCHOOL

    Total Book Value for Smith is $47.00
    Selling Price: $20.00

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    I have a few GU of some Georgia players maybe we can come up with a trade for the tomlinsons/mcallister

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    I have these ex-Georgia players cards for trade:

    Kendrell Bell- 02 Fleer ( Golden Memories #7GM )
    Kendrell Bell- 02 Fleer Ultra ( Gold Medallion Edition #131 )
    Olandis Gary- 00 Collectors Edge Odyssey #30
    Hines Ward- 03 Topps Total ( Total Topps #TT16)
    Hines Ward- 03 Topps Total ( Total Production #TP9 )
    Robert Edwards- 98 Fleer Tradition #226 ( Rookie )
    Robert Edwards- 98 UD Choice #202 ( Rookie )

    If you want any of these cards, check out my want list and hopefully we can make a trade. Here is a link to my want list.
    Thanks for your time.

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