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    I need cards of CURRENT Indians players...

    Hi, i need cards of the following current (2004) Indians players, I will pay with CC. I only need 1 card of each player. (They have to be wearing an Indians uniform, unless its a RC)

    *= i have it

    David Riske
    Casey Blake*
    Ben Broussard
    John McDonald*
    Coco Crisp
    Jody Gerut
    Travis Hafner


    I will pay 5-10 cc per card, 20 for a RC!!!!
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    i got casey blake 2004 bowman, 2004 topps total john mcdonald
    5*2 =10 plus 35 for shipping =45 cc lmk

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    You're getting two Sabathia's and a Vizquel from our trade. Have you sent the cards and the SASE yet?

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    Yup, it was sent a few days ago, i have been doing so many trades, i have kinda lost track.....

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    anyone else? 10cc for anyone on the list, 20cc for a RC!!! I'd love to have RC's of any one of the guys on the list.

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