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    Believe it or not, I still need 2 03 E-X RC cards...

    I need 2003 E-X 85 Hee Seop Choi ROO SP and 2003 E-X 83 Jose Reyes ROO SP.

    PLMK ASAP if you have either one of these cards. I need them to complete my set.

    I have LOTS of other E-X cards to trade for them.



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    yes i have the hee seop choi ROO 85, what happened to you getting back tome about those ex cards?

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    wich ones? I have been swamped with PM and responses. I apologize if I overlooked getting back to you.

    PLMK what ones you were wanting


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    I think you were interested in the Austin Kearns GU three color jersey, and you said you would send me what you got in those boxes through a PM but you never got back to me, its okay, if your interested let me know.

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    I got a Kearns. Sorry I missed getting back to ya. I do need that #85 however. PLMK what you are needing to trade for it.

    Most of my pulls are listed in the post I made about my breaks


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