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    I HATE BECKETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so sick of buying packs or boxes at the expensive rate they are now and as soon as the beckett comes out it KILLS the value of the cards you pulled! I mean take the 04 Autographics...$40/pack and then the BV on the cards is worthless even for a great auto or GU card.
    Flair is another example! They want $120 SRP for a hobby box/pack yet in the book the cards are worthless!!! I would guess by now that the companies would get pissed because the consumers are pissed. I mean if you are sick of paying inflated prices for these "premium" boxes and packs and then the BV on them comes out and kills it, wouldn't you think most people would not buy the inflated stuff because it will not be worth the price you paid for the pack/box?

    I guess it is just me, but I am sure others feel the same way. I am interested in hearing what you all think about this situation and see if you are as fed up as I am.

    Thanks for listening. My name is rice80fan2 and I have approved this message.



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    Yeah..i spent mucho money on a 04 Timelines box..and they are worthless in beckett

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    It's kinda like the lottery. Buying packs will not gaurantee you anything, but it can yield the highest return. It seems to me that the only high end stuff worth buying, is the stuff that has game used/autos of guys like, Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Dimaggio and so on. I understand what you are saying though. It's not really Becketts fault though because there is more product than there is demand. I'm a player collector and I collect Chipper Jones. When I buy cards of him now, if I don't like the price of the single card, I don't buy it. I know with all the cards they're producing, I'll never have them all, so why empty my wallet on a rare Chipper, when there will always be more. Just my two cents.



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    If you are buying cards for an investment you will come out on the bottom 99% of the time. You better do it because you enjoy it and buy packs that you can afford.

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    I am not talking about buying for profit, I am just saying when you spend a lot of money you should have something nice that books well to trade for something else you want but beckett is killing the prices so even if you have something of a great star then it is still not worth the $$ you put into it.

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    As much as I enjoy opening packs, there is no economic benefit to doing so because you can buy the cards cheaper, with the exception of the ready high-end stuff.

    Beckett is only the messenger.

    If anything I am aggrevated because between the monthly guide, the quarterly, and the Collectibles, you still can't get the BV's on many old sets.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    You lose money just buying a box. The box will sell as high or higher than a set is worth and you never get a set from a box. But I will agree with you on 1 thing something does need to be done with whoever figures out pricing for boxes/packs of cards.

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    the problems is the companies themselves...they put so many autos/gu in the box that they cant be worth anything---theres too many of them

    I dont think its becketts fault

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    actually i agree with jandj here.
    When products like these come out, autos and gameused are so saturated theyre not anything close to rare and theyre relative value goes down.

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    over supply is killing the demand. its almost like the late 80's when they ashould have burned the surplus of cards in the warehouses. but no the realeased them and made them worthless. we are heading down the wrong road again. premium new porducts saved the hobby with the introduction of upper deck and topps stadium club. now we are at a point were the auto/gu is wearing itself thin. what will save the hobby again. i stay with rookies especially hof'ers that stuff has done nothing but appreciate with time. my 2 cents

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