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Thread: Top Loader for TTM?

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    never had a toploader or pennysleeve signed, stop using toploaders recently and just send each card(s)in a pennysleeve, in between 2 double blank sided index cards, and never have had a problem yet, only had 2 smudged cards out of 50+ returns in my ttm career

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    I do not use top loaders for the same reason that I do use peel n seal envelopes. The easier you make it for the player the better your chances of success. Welcome to the TTM section. I will give you a warning this part of the hobby is highly addictive!
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    Thanks again guys. more thing I've done wrong...peel and seal envelopes. Oh well, we'll see what comes back.

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    i have not sent any cards thru the mail yet im still learning the hobby off ttm good luck though

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    I've had one toploader signed. Leandro Barbosa signed the toploader his rookie year with the suns. Since then, I never sent in toploaders. Like someone else stated, they smear when you put them in a penny sleeve or a toploader. Most of the time the card will move around in the envelope on the way back, I really never have problems. Minus a few dents in cards due to the stamping of the envelopes

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    Just a quick update, got my Feller card back today in the penny sleeve and top loader beautifully signed and not smudged! So far no problems, though I've stopped using top-loaders lately anyway.

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    i used to send in toploaders at first and i never had a athlete sign the toploader but i had some that signed and ddnt give the auto time to dry and when they put it back in the toploader it smeared the auto bad. so now i dont use toploaders or sleeves i just have the card sent back in an envelope and ive had excellent results that way.

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