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    Exclamation eBay been very very very good to me 1/1


    Thanks to Rob (m0600194, the Bettis collector) for the bids on them.

    Again, all feedback is welcome :D

    Dave :fro:

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    man dave that is some nice deals there now. I will admit that. The dayne from T3 sold for over 300 bucks.. THATS INSANE.... and the ionix is not a steal, its a flat out robbery..



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    $53 for a DN uncertified but PSA auto card. I thiunk thats a little much. I know you collect him and all, but he isn't a probowler or MVP caliber player. Just my .02

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    Everyone - Thanks. Yes, ebay has it's pluses, but also has minues as well. I'm just glad I got the 2 auctions for dirt cheap, IMO.

    And, MJKobe, I don't collect DN, he's like my cornerstone collection. He's THE main guy I collect. I'll go the extra mile (even 4 or 5 miles) to get a DN card I don't have. If I don't have it, some way, some how, I will make it mine.

    Dave :fro:

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    It really doesnt matter what you think Mjackson as long as he likes it :)

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    Thanks Fabric. I still have the TH '03 Ultimate Patch #'d/25 if interested too.

    Dave :fro:

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