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    '04 Elite break (enigma check this out!)

    I just opened a box of '04 Elite and got:

    Lineage - Vick/Brooks
    Elite Series - Terrell owens #180/850
    College Ties - Eddie George/Michael Jenkins #1655/2000
    Passing the Torch - Tom Brady #357/1000
    Career Best - Clinton Portis #887/1650

    Now here are the good things!!:
    Kevin Smith #484/500
    Philip Rivers #1/500 (lol, should i say this is a 1/1, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!)

    Elite Series Brett Farve GU Jersey (white) #77/150

    Lineage DUAL AUTO Redemption Chad Johnson/Keyshaun Johnson!!!! #ed/100 (I hate redemptions but not many people are pulling autos out of these boxes so i was really happy to pull a dual auto!)

    all are for trade!

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    DUAL AUTO Redemption Chad Johnson/Keyshaun Johnson!!!! #ed/100

    what kinda bv you putting on this as im very in trested in it

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    i have no idea! and i really have nothing to compare it to.....i guess just make and offer and we'll go from there

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    not really good when it come to make offers....can you just let me no a ranger from what to what

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    i need the favre

    plmk how much bv you are looking for it

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    andrade - i don't really know what range to put it in, i'll make sure i let you know before i trade it but i just had an offer of 80 bv......i'm thinking maybe i should send it in because i'm already getting confused on all the offers......if you're still interested email me with players you have from some of these guys:
    1.) Sean Taylor
    2.) michael vick
    3.) Mike Williams
    4.) larry fitzgerald
    5.) lee evans
    6.) sweet looking patches

    football_3304 - sorry didn't see much i could use for it right now, thanks though

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    all the ravens were just commons :(
    you know that if i pulled a good raven card you'd get first crack at it!

    i still have hte musa smith gu rc if you need it~

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    i could use this one check out my site.
    Passing the Torch - Tom Brady #357/1000
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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