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    Whole bunch of #'d cards for CC- Arod, Ripken, etc.

    I have a whole bunch of numbered interts that I want to sell for CC. Most are from 1998-1999. name your player and I'll give you a list. Thanks

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    Hank Blalock, Mark Prior, Mark Teixeira, Chien-Ming Wang, Dan Haren

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    Originally posted by cubsfan203
    Hank Blalock, Mark Prior, Mark Teixeira, Chien-Ming Wang, Dan Haren
    About 90% of the cards are from 98-99, so all I could find was:
    -- 2003 Sweet Spot Dan Haren Sweet Beginnings #810/2003 (BV $8)
    -- 2002 Bowman Chrome Mark Prior RC (BV $8)
    -- 2002 Fleer Triple crowm Mark Prior Future Stars RC (BV $2.50)

    PLMK Thanks

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    Wade Boggs,Roger Clemens and any Dallas Cowboys #d or inserts.


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    I need all of those. PM me how much you want for each of those.

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    whatnobeer- I know I've got about 20-30 Emmitt Smith #'d insterts from 1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars. Most are numbered to 2500 or 5000. LMK about how much you would be willing to pay per card instead of me writing up a whole list and then we'll take it from there. I believe they book around $6-8 each.

    cubs- PM sent

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    How about this? LMK how many I can get for 250 cc. If they are #d im interested. You can pm the answer if you want.


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    Do you have any Mark McGwire's?
    LMK what you have and how many cc's for it with s/h.


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