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Thread: Some GU and autos for trade.

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    Some GU and autos for trade.

    Here are some GU and autos that I have for trade. If they have *** next to them, then they will be kind of hard to get from me. I'm looking for Jason Jennings GU and autos, 2003-2004 Beehive GU jerseys, Todd Helton GU cards, or just star GU or auto cards.

    Game Used:
    A.J. Guyton Ball/Net 2001-2002 Upper Deck "Sweet Shot"
    Andre Miller 1998-1999 Collectors Edge Ball
    Boomer Esiason 2002 Score ""QBC Materials"" GU jersey Untouched"
    Brian St. Pierre/Seneca Wallace/Rex Grossman/Taylor Jacobs 2003 Playoff Honors ""Rookie Premiere Jersey Quads"" #137/250" BV$15 (asking $20)
    Carlos Delgado 2001 UD Ovation ""Piece of History"" BAT"
    Chirs Narveson 2003 Bowman ""Fabric of the Future"" GU jersey"
    Chris Taylor 2001 Bowman Hula Bowl Jersey
    Dahntay Jones 2003-2004 Bazooka Beginnings RC GU Jersey
    Donald Reche Caldwell 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars ""Rookie Masks"" #124/250"
    Doug Flutie 2002 Upper Deck ""All-star Authenitcs"""
    Drew Brees 2002 Fleer Genuine "Genuine Article"
    Jason Giambi 2003 Fleer Ultra ""Moon Shots"" GU Base"
    Jason Jennings 2003 SPx ""Young Stars Auto Jerseys***
    Jason Jennings 2004 Diamonds Kings Auto/Jersey/Bat #1/1 ***
    Jason Williams 1998-1999 Collectors Edge Ball
    Josh Beckett 2003 Fleer Focus JE ""Team Colors"" Jersey"
    Josh Huepel/Travis Minor/James Jackson/Quincy Morgan 2001 Playoff Honors "Rookie Quads"
    Juan Dixon 2003-2004 Bazooka Blasts GU Jersey #17/25
    Kenny Lofton 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat
    Larry Walker 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat #37/50 ***
    Luis Gonzalez 2003 Topps Finest Relics Jersey
    Mark Grace 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat #071/250
    Mats Sundin 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive GU Jersey
    Mike Hampton 2002 Leaf ""Shirt off my Back"" GU jersey(grey) #SBMH"
    Mike Piazza 2003 Topps Chrome ""Red Back Relics"" Jersey"
    Milan Hniclicka 2003-2004 Pacific Invincible GU sweater
    Peyton Manning Ball 1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey "Game Gear Hologold"
    Quentin Richardson 2003-2004 Bazooka Blasts GU Jersey
    Rafael Palmeiro 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey
    Randy Moss 2002 Pacific Private Stock Reserve Jersey #8/168
    Ray Allen 2001-2002 Fleer Maximum "Floor Score"
    Reggie Wayne 2001 2001 Finest ""Rookie Premiere Jerseys"""
    Richard Hamilton 1998-1999 Collectors Edge Ball
    Ricky Williams 2002 Leaf Certified ""Mirror Blue"" #37/50"
    Roger Clemens 2003 Fleer Spendid Splinters ""Knothole Gang""" ***
    Roy Oswalt 2003 UD ""Leading Swatches"" Jersey"
    Sean Burke 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive Jumbo Double GU Jersey
    Shawn Green 2002 Fleer Ex ""Behind the Numbers"" GU jersey"
    Simon Gagne 2001-2002 PS Titanium Draft Edition
    Steve Garvey Bat 2001 UD Prospects "Heroes Of Baseball"
    T.J. Duckett 2002 Leaf Certified ""Freshman Fabrics"" #83/800"
    Teemu Selanne 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive GU Jersey
    Terrell Owens 2003 UD SP Game Used Patch Edition GU Jersey
    Todd Helton 2001 Jersey Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition ***
    Todd Helton 2001 Pacific Private Stock ""Game Used Gear""" ***
    Todd Helton 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Jersey "Fabric of the Game" #33/93 ***
    Tony Gwynn 2001 Fleer Platinum ""National Patch Time"" Jersey" ***
    Tony Kukoc 2000-2001 Seat Topps Heritage "Authentic Arenas"
    Troy Glaus 2003 UD MVP ""Covering All Bases"" Base"
    Tyrone Wheatley 2002 Leaf Certified ""Mirror Red"" #38/100"
    Wade Boggs 2002 Topps Prestine ""In The Gap"" Jersey "***
    Terry Sawchuk 2001-2002 Fleer GOTG "Original Six GU Sticks" BV$60
    Peter Stastney 2001-2002 Fleer GOTG "Board Certified" GU Board BV$12

    George Gervin 1999-2000 Bowmans Best ""Franchise Favorites"" auto #FRA1B"
    Glyn Milburn 1998 Skybox Autographics auto
    Jamal Lewis 2000 Fleer ""Autographics"" Autograph"
    Jaron Rush 1999-2000 SP Top Prospects ""First Impressions"" auto #JR"
    Jason Jennings 2003 SPx ""Young Stars Auto Jerseys***
    Jason Jennings 2004 Diamonds Kings Auto/Jersey/Bat #1/1 ***
    Rahim Abdullah 1999 Collectors Edge Advantage Auto
    Gordie Howe 2001-2002 Fleer GOTG Auto Redemption BV$200
    Johnny Bower 2001-2002 Fleer GOTG Auto Redemption BV$25

    Scans are available upon request!

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    It books for $40. Used to be $50, it's gone down:( I wish I had sold it when they were selling for $35 a piece:)


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    DTrain- All the stuff I saw that I wanted was in your PC, lol. Thanks.

    autographer- What do you have??


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    Dtrain- I like this card.. :)2004 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs Rickie Weeks #d 233/416 BV: $40.00 (PC) LMK

    autographer11- It's in the original post:) Look:)


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    I have some very nice Helton GU. PLMK if you would be interested and do you have any Pujols cards? PLMK.

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