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Thread: Team/Player lots for sale...

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    Team/Player lots for sale...

    In an attempt to clean up a little bit, I'm looking to sell some of my base cards. These will be very cheap so if you collect a certain player/team, reply here and I can list what I have.

    No CC offers please.

    I can take paypal, money orders, or cash.

    LMK if you would be interested.


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    Mariano Rivera

    Please let me know what Mariano Rivera cards you have. I am willing to pay with Paypal. Thanks.

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    Let me know if you have know...Pat Burrell

    Thanks :)


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    Nevermore: I have these Rivera cards;
    2000 Topps "World Series Highlights"(I have 2 of them)

    Aug06: I have only 1 Pat Burrell:
    2003 Leaf

    chrisbcubs: I don't have lots of 100 to give out...any one player you collect?

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    Aug: Okay....If I happen to find anymore, I'll let you know or if you decide you need/want the 03 leaf, just PM me and its yours.

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