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    Who can give me the best deal for $40 cash?


    Mainly looking for high-end cards but will entertain offers. Just offer whatever you like. I'm not only looking for Peyton Mannings and Lee Suggs, also looking for trade bait. I actually would prefer to get some trade bait.

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    Hey, I'm tryin to sell these-

    01 UD Rookie Threads Freddie Mitchell
    01 SP Freddie Mitchell jersey
    01 EX Turf Team Duce Staley
    01 Titanium Post Season Duce Staley jersey
    01 Gametime Uniformity Corey Siomn jersey
    02 Pacific Correll Buckhalter jersey
    02 Authentix Todd Pinkston jersey
    03 Topps DP&P Jerome McDougle jersey

    Please let me know if you'd be interested in any of these, Thanks

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    I have 7 2003 Lee Suggs Rookie Cards
    Topps All American
    Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion
    2 Topps
    Bowman Chrome
    Press Pass JE
    Fleer Mystique Die Cut Blue

    Total Book Value of the Suggs RCS is about $60.00

    I have 4 2003 Payton Manning Cards
    Topps All American
    Bowman Chrome
    Fleer Ultra
    Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion

    Total Book Value of the Manning Cards Plus the cards ill throw in is about $15.00

    For $30.00 I will give you the above cards plus i will throw in 21 other colts cards including E. James and M. Harrison and a Dallas Clark Rookie Card. (Brands:Fleer Ultra,Bowman Chrome,Topps,Playoff Prestige)

    The total book value is about $75.00 and Ill give it to you for $30.00

    As for as the other $10.00 give me a player you want or a 2003 rookie and theres a 90% chance i have it.

    Ive got tons of 2003 rookies, nearly $5,000 in book value.

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