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    who it be better is the NBA went to a tourney format like the NCAA

    I think it would cool if they did, then you will not have a boring finals like last years...

    what do you guys think...

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    it's been brought up; but so far, David Stern hasn't directly answered the question when he was asked about it by ESPN

    it'd be nice to have teams seeded

    and let the tourney begin

    all the power is in the West. Spurs / Lakers / Kings / Mavs would beat any team in the East

    Only the Mavs, with their no-defense, could be beaten by an East team in the Finals

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    1 game and out wouldn't be too cool in the NBA. They only do that in college because you only have a certain amount of time to decide who wins out of 65 teams.

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    True, if you had series in the NCAA, the tourny would take forever. If the NBA wanted to do this, they would have to add more teams.

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