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    Looking for Jason Jennings autos or game used cards!

    Ok, I'm looking for Jason Jennings autos or GU. If you have any, LMK and take a look at my site and see if you see anything you would want!

    Thanks, also if you have a Helton Auto, LMK, I want one of those too:)

    Rippa, don't offer me your Helton, I know you wont trade it :hop:
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    I need your george gervin auto. i have an 2003 donruss rookie crusade jennings auto /500 i could trade with something else for it

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    Hey, I'd like that card, but I don't want to trade the Gervin for it, sorry. Did you see anything else for it?


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    i have a 2003 bowman dual GU of jennings jrsy w/ stripe and hinske bat BV 15 lmk if you want this

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    Hey, I'd be interested in that card. I will let you know in a few days because I am bidding on that card on ebay currently.

    I will let ya know!
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    didnt see any other bsb or bkb autos on your site

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    BoSox- Didn't win the auction:( It went for $1.26, I got snipped, lol. So I'd be interested in your card. Take a look at my site and see if you want anything.
    bdrr- Ok, thanks anyways!


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    Yea, I don't know why the site isnt working??? Thats where all of my cards are listed, so I cant really give you a list. Hopefully it will work pretty soon. It says it will be restored in around an hour...


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