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    mint Elway rc, Domanick Davis auto rc + f\t

    Just picked up a second Elway rc that I am thinking of trading. Looking for another high end rc or rc auto only for this one.
    Also picked these up
    03 Press Pass Domanick Davis rc auto bv $25
    01 Fleer traditionglossy L Tomlinson rc #0555/2001 bv $15
    78 Topps Nolan Ryan bv $30 o\c (looking for $15-20 trade).
    anyone w\ a nice Marino rc has a great shot at the Elway
    plmk & thx,

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    I want the Elway. Check my trade site, or lets work a cash/cards deal. Who is your team? I have many good cards I can get out of the personal collection to get the Elway.

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    Cowboyography, looking for nice rc autos & rcs of Peyton Manning and Roy Williams (Cowboys). can you put together a list of some nice rcs you have f\t?
    plmk & thx,
    p.s. didnt see anything on your site that interested me.

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