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Thread: Would this look good auto'd

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    Would this look good auto'd

    I'm going to the bucks/magic game tomorrow, and im hitting up orlando's hotel. i need your opinion on these two pics. i printed off these two photos on my printer without realizing we were out of black ink would these two pics be worth trying to get signed? what color should i get it in?

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    The first one looks a little funny, especially around his head. The second one doesn't look too bad, though. You could always get them signed in black, since the images weren't printed in black, so you know it will stand out.

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    ...double post. Got an error telling me to wait 15 seconds before posting, and then when I waited, it showed up twice.
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    I think that you might look back and wish you had something else signed besides those two photos as they look a little rough. I know that I have had a few things signed that did not turn out as good printed as I wanted them to. You might not get a chance later at the same guy.
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    I could go either way on this...

    a) you have a kinda cool "original" item

    b) it may look like crap and wish that you had taken your photo to walmart and paid the 3 dollars for a quality photo. May never get another chance to get dwight howard

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