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    Question if you had $120 to spend on a box what would you get?

    Hi! I'm thinking about getting a box this coming weekend, but I really have no idea which one to get. I collect baseball, basketball, & football. I have pretty much decided to get a basketball hobby box. I got football last: 2004 Sage Hit. I was very pleased, got it for $80 @ a card show and pulled an Eli Manning 1/100 Gold Auto, Rex Grossman Auto, along w/ 3 other auto's and 2 gu's. But which one I'll get this time is still up in the air. Looking to get the best/most gu's & auto's for the price... just like everyone else :) Any advice?

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    Depends on what you are looking for...

    Game Jerseys: Bazooka
    Auto: ?????
    Auto Jersey: Bowman Signature Edition
    Other: SPX, SP Authentic

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    check out charm city, they have great detail descriptions of all boxes. I had the same choice to make last week and chose Sage Autograph, fun to open with an auto in every pack, but nothing very hi dollar, I pulled a River Jersey #/75 which was really nice. As far as Basketball goes, seems like Upper Deck is the way to go, you may not get as many auto/GU's per box but the quality is worth it IMO.

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