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    Anyone need 04 Play Ball or 04 Bowman

    I went to Sportsfest in Chicago today. I bought a box of 04 Bowman and split a box of 04 Play Ball with my friend. If anyone needs base cards from these sets, tell me what you need and Ill see if I have it. I would prefer to sell these cards, but will trade.

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    Need Miguel Cabrera from 04 Bowman...Not sure if I have 04 Play Ball of the guys in my sig, but if you have them PLMK and I'll check (please give me # if you do).


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    I dont have any Cabrera or Pierre from either set but I have a Willis from both sets.

    04 PlayBall #29 Willis
    04 Bowman #54 Willis

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    I need the PlayBall, and could sue another Bowman...PLMK if you need anything off my site. If not, PLMK what you'd be looking for in return.


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    Did you pull the Jose Capellan(braves prospect) out of either box?


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    Merkin Valdez Bowman gold if you got it.

    LMK Thanks

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