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    Thumbs up SCF Playoffs Prediction contest - win CC

    It's playoff time again and to make things even more entertaining, I thought we could have a bit of fun predicting the outcome. The rules are simple, state who will win and in how many games. Only one entry per member and no post editing, any editing will automatically disqualify the member. Amongst the people who guessed the outcome and the number of games rightly, a randomizer will be used to determine who wins 100 CC. The person with the most correct guesses at the end of the playoffs will win 2000 CC.

    Here are the links for the 8 series, please make your predictions in the relevant thread. This thread will be used to keep the tally of who got how many correct guesses

    Boston vs Montreal
    Boston wins 4-0 winner:tennisdevils

    Washington vs New York
    Washington wins 4-3 winner: Doniceage

    New Jersey vs Carolina
    Carolina wins 4-3 winner: richied98

    Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh wins 4-2 winner: RGM81

    San Jose vs. Anaheim
    Anaheim wins 4-2 winner: Michiganice91

    Columbus vs Detroit
    Detroit wins 4-0 winner: Fitchjr1

    St. Louis vs Vancouver
    Vancouver wins 4-0 Winner: Newbee

    Calgary vs Chicago
    Chicago wins 4-2 winner: Scottkoz20

    Round 2:
    Chicago vs. Vancouver Chi wins 4-2 winner: Comatoad
    Pitsburgh vs WAshington Pit wins 4-2 winner: Dmorgia
    Carolina vs. Boston Car wins 4-3 winner: CSSports
    Detroit vs Anaheim Det wins 4-3 winner: 30randfordfan

    Round 3:
    Pens vs Canes Pens win in 4 winner: podgeofudge
    Wings vs Hawks Wings in 5 winner: nucks4cup

    Playoffs long standings
    Peter Jackson: 3
    Richied98: 3
    Jvan: 3
    RGM81: 3
    Michiganice91: 3
    Trpnwillie: 3
    Scottkoz20: 3
    Georgerodrigues: 3
    doniceage: 3
    bgggg2001: 3
    MacGruber: 3
    CSSports: 3
    Fitchjr1: 2
    Gregmal05: 2
    zPens87z: 2
    cnshockey: 2
    Hossa18sens: 2
    Nathan7070: 2
    senrab: 2
    09232003: 2
    Bruinsfan: 2
    Newbee: 2
    Terpstradust: 2
    Nucks4cup: 2
    Dergula: 1
    Tennisdevils: 1
    Brettyd: 1
    todtz79: 1
    aweeks: 1
    Matssunrinrocks13: 1
    leafsfandan: 1
    Walter Sobchak: 1
    Prime B: 1
    G0SHARKSG0: 1
    Portis: 1
    Steen101984: 1
    jolivei2008: 1
    selby56: 1
    scobes: 1
    Bleustrype: 1
    CMPunk13: 1
    Jrpic6: 1
    comatoad: 1
    griff2311: 1
    selby56: 1
    brodeur_fan666: 1

    Have a great playoffs season everyone and remember to keep the trash talk friendly

    Thanks and good luck with your guesses!

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    Looks like fun and I am sure it will get more exciting as the rounds keep on going. Thanks for throwing this.

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