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    Cool The RC SP's in 2004 PLayoff Prestige.

    Hello all.
    Its been awhile since I've posted on here.

    I noticed when I went to look in the new beckett that I found that the 2004 Playoff Prestige includes Rookie Short Prints.
    I contacted Playoff and they told me these certain rookies were placed in 1 and 6 boxes. I very happily ended up pulling a Steve Jackson, which happens to be one of the SPs, which is now valued at $50.

    If anyone is wondering which RC's are the SP's I have arranged a List for you...Enjoy!

    1. Dj Williams
    2.Vince Wilfork
    3.Steven Jackson
    4.Jason Babin
    5.Ricardo Colclough
    6.Sean Jones
    7. Luke McCown
    8.Cedric Cobbs
    9. Maurice Clarett
    10.Mike Williams

    And that should do it.
    I hope this helps maybe it doesnt I donno,
    I do though think this was a great product and suggest it to anyone!

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    Actually Samhall its a great thing. I know there are definetly a few people that bought prestige heavily when it came out and some of these no names may be in there common box

    thanks for this information to share to all other football collectors


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    I pulled a DJ Williams and was stoked because I am a Bronco fan and threw it in a top loader, I was really happy when I opened the new Beckett and saw it was $20!!

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