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Thread: Silver Marker?

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    Silver Marker?

    I wanna start getting IP autos with silver markers and want to ask which brand works the best on cards/pictures. Thanks!

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    When i send pucks TTM to get signed i always include a silver sharpie to which noone has ever sent me back so i wouldnt know how long they last but if i get them signed in person i use the gold (SRX) sharpie. Id rather send a $1 sharpie in the mail and have it signed to where i can see it then have them sign it in black and not see it too well. I dont sent the gold sharpie in the mail tho its like $5 each

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    can you show me a picture of that gold pen? I have been trying to get one but Idon't know what they look like.

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    very nice! I got a bat signed with a silver sharpie at a game and the sig was very weak.

    I was wondering what people use for bats that have laquer on them?

    WOuld I use a Paint pen? They are quite expensive at craft stores so any help would be great


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    Nice thread! Good info.
    I got a bunch of invisible autographs with my Silver Sharpie, even though it always looks good at home when I test it. I'm switching over to Deco now.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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