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Thread: Did UD quit the NPN,?

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    Did UD quit the NPN,?

    I havent see any update yet for Ultimate, SP and Exquisite. Does anybody know,?

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    Out of maybe 15 I've gotten a dual jsy of Mraian Gaborik

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    I don't think their npn site works anymore....

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    Quote Originally Posted by redskins169 View Post
    has anyone recieved anything from ud npn ever? i have submitted at least 40 and never got anything.
    Yes, earlier this year I actually received two packages from UD SPx Basketball for the NPN program. I got a George Hill tri JSY RC auto /599 and I got a Kobe Bryant dual JSY.

    I was really surprised when I received them. When I saw the envelopes, I initially thought I was just receiving some redemptions I was expecting. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

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    It looks to be over with - someone may want to give UD a call if they get have any spare time to keep us updated
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    No they are continuing with it, someone here brought it up with the BBB and UD responded saying they are fixing something and it iwll be up.

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    How does the NPN work? Do i have to send a special spacer thingy in or what?

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    Its up now. there are about 10-12 products listed to.

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