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    WTT sweet spot classic auto #25/25

    i have a sweet spot classic auto red robin roberts #25/25 ....please make me offers including other nice auto's please thanks and plmk

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    Wow...I'd love to trade for it. Also, LMK on the Guerrero/Wilson Autos.

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    i just pulled this like 1/2 hr ago so im kinda happy about this bad boy still , im just curious how much u think i could get for this card?

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    In trade? I'm not sure....I'd definately deal for it though. LMK if I have anything you like. And are we doing the other deal?

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    im gonna hold off on the other deal , and i would need a sweet auto for this obviously , make me an offer , like i said im kinda happy go lucky right now with this lol never pulled a #25/25 or anything like that b4 especialy an auto

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    Still want the Guerrero/Wilsons? I could trade all three for Roberts and a few Bowman Reyes RCS.

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    ill pass , i think i changed my mind im gonna hold onto it

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    u seem to think the reyes are trash lol u always want me to add them or trade alot of them , fact is he still sells good , lol i think ill just hold onto them unless i get something good near equal bv thanks alot though i understand your logic as well

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    Oh, I would just love to have some of his rcs because they are hot right now. LMK if I have anything you'd trade them for.

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