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    Anyone looking for an Albert Pujols rookie?

    I have a leaf rookies and stars 01 of Albert Pujols, i believe its booked at $120. lmk if interested.

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    i want it i will give you a cullpepper rookie gu ball for it let me know thanks.

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    whats the culpepper card? And what is it booked at?

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    i'm looking for anything from moss autos/gu, culpepper autos/gu, ichiro autos/gu, and barry bonds gu.


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    1999 edge is the cullpepper and it is a game use football. i also have 3 bonds gu for trade let me know if you are interested.
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    do u mean 1999? And the prices would have to match, so i dont think a Culpepper rookie gu ball is going to work, maybe we could work a deal where u could trade 2-3 cards to get the trade even.
    lmk thx

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    ok what about this i will give you 2 bonds gu and the culpepper let me know thanks.

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    I've got a Randy Moss 02 Ovation Jersey card.
    LMK if interested for the Pujols.


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