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    1968 cards for sell...old and very very rare!!!!!! look!!

    i have a list of 1968 cards that i am selling bc i am no longer collecting cards...if any of you are interested let me know and post an offer....all cards are nm-mint unless stated...

    stan mckenzie
    dick barnett x2
    shaler halimon
    greg smith
    bob boozer
    mccoy mclemore
    hal greer
    gail goodrich
    mike riordan
    bob rule
    kevin loughery
    jerry sloan
    greg howard
    tom sanders
    barry clemens
    loy petersen
    mike riordan
    jon mcglocklin
    clyde lee
    john warren
    walt bellamy
    art williams
    fred hetzel
    don kojis
    willie mccarter
    jim walker
    joe caldwell
    bob love
    connie hawkins
    bill bridges
    mike davis

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    how much are you selling them? and what's the card brand (topps)?

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    it does not say what brand it is but i am guessing topps and tell me which cards you want and a price you are willing to pay and we will come up with a negotiable price =;)

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