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    McGrady a Rocket - its official

    Its official - McGrady is now a Houston Rocket.

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    Good deal for the Rockets. Now Francis and Mobley can take about 80 shots between them every night in Orlando.

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    the rockets also got gaines so maybe he'll get a starting jop there

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    idk about this trade lol.. do the magic open up cap room, because if they do this is a GREAT trade lol, they should have gotten Emeka still, but if Francis can avg 20 pts a game and Hill is good, then idk

    possible starting line up?
    C: Gooden
    PF: Howard
    SF: Hill
    Pg: Mobley/Nelson

    lmk what u guys think of that line up

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    The problem is that Francis and Mobley shoot way too much. They both have horrible FG %'s and are basically ball hogs. I don't know if this is going to change their fortunes as basically the other guys are going to be standing around watching.

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    being a magic fan, i think this deal stinks. cato's an ok player, but i hope they don't count on him to be a star. and steve francis and cuttino mobley are ballhogs. this is one of the worst deals orlando has made. i don't know what pat williams was thinking. lol, i'm surprised orlando still has fans, after the way they keep messing with the team, lol.

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    Billsfan Howard also went to the rockets.

    Great Deal for the rockets who will def. now be contenders to win it all next season. T-mac/Yao can be as dominant as Shaq/Kobe.

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    Now that the Rockets have Yao and McGrady, we will see whether or not T-Mac can place defense

    in Orlando, T-Mac claimed that he rarely played defense b/c "'s tough to play defense, when you're counted on to score 30-35 points every night....You don't have the energy to go full blast at both ends.."

    With Yao getting better offensively and defensively, we'll see if T-Mac is more than just your typical "all-score, no-defense" player

    a la Vince Carter

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    McGrady is a great player, and playing with Yao will just show it even more. McGrady and Yao are going to dominate, more then anyone expects as of now.

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