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    UD LEGENDS box. who wants the set?

    i got a box and pulled ginobli auto, dennis johnson auto, and redemption #15. I also have the whole set. will take offers on any of them, but looking to get rid of the set. (will sell for $25)

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    ive got a ud signs of success jason kapono auto. i like the ginobili, and johnson auto. maybe the #15 pick


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    Youre trading for Pokemon? I can trade you singles or sealed packs (jungle fossil), mostly "vintage" pokemon from my bros large box of crud

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    hemi - i might stop collecting him, give me a few days to think about it. ill pm you or something. thanks for the offer.

    bdrr - ya. i would like anybody that's good. not the really old basic pokemon that cant do any damage. i want holo's and really good stuff. packs work too.

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    holo's rares etc? well give me a number of packs or rares or foils youd want on the ginobli, johnson, #15.

    btw, I also have a Pristine Jason Kapono Auto I could trade ya.
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    Got the Ginobili still?? please say you do.. even if its just the base.. I need need need it.. thanks

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    i got nine tails holo and clefable holo for your dennis johnson auto
    and ginobili auto.lmk

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