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Thread: I have a question

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    I have a question

    I don't know if any of you guys know this, but my family is really close friends to a guy named Kevin Taylor, he is the world record brick breaker. I was just wondering since I an going to see him tomorrow at Gibraltar and then going back to his house to hang out, do you think I should get his autograph? Like on a brick or something?


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    i think if you could get a photo of him signed or something that would be cool

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    It's not a matter of if "we" think you should get his autograph, but rather if you do. It's your collection, not "ours".

    That said, a signed brick is probably the equivalent of getting a baseball player on a ball.

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    Brick breaker as in Karate? That would be cool to watch! I agree with Rockiesfan33 you should add to your collection what you want to add.
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    Haha that'd be awesome! A signed brick!!!

    What would you get him to sign it with though...?

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